The good news
- compared to many other states, our workforce is considered highly educated. And, there’s evidence that employees who have attained higher education report more job satisfaction - and typically stick around longer.  If you rely on highly skilled and highly motivated workers, you need employees who hold degrees.

The not so good news - Colorado ranks 41st among 50 states in the size of the degree gap we will need to fill by 2025.  And that gap will directly impact your bottom line unless we all work together to help people gain the skill and knowledge they need to make you successful.

That’s what My Degree Matters Colorado is all about.  And, we need your help. There are specific things you can do to support your employees in their quest to earn a degree:

  • Know which of your employees are close to completing their education
  • Offer tuition assistance, or help them access Prior Learning Assessments (PLA)
  • Link degree completion to your business goals and employee promotions

Check out your Employer Toolkit- it’s constantly evolving with more simple tactics you can implement to support employee education- and build the workforce you need.

For more on the economic benefit of workforce alignment strategies, and the importance of closing the skills gap, check out this blog post by CAEL